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6 July 2020

Precision irrigation module

Precyzyjne nawadnianie deszczownicą z ujęciu drona.

For several weeks now, we have worked with a few farms to implement a prototype of a new precision irrigation module. The module is the first of a group of tools developed by SatAgro to support farms in water management. To start with, we focused on reel sprinklers, which are relatively most popular in our region. Many models allow for dose differentiation by adjusting the speed of the hose reeling ended with a cannon.

13 May 2019

Excluding parts of the field from fertilization

Some of our Users are currently dealing with a prolonged lack of rain, which unfortunately will have an impact on expected yields. This problem doesn’t however affect the entire field uniformly. In some cases, it may be a good idea to forgo using fertilizer on the weakest parts of the field, without neglecting the nutritional needs of the rest of the crop. SatAgro Variable Rate Application maps make achieving this easy.

6 May 2019

SatAgro available in UK and Ireland

Availability of the SatAgro service between 2015 and 2019.

Our application has been available in Great Britain and Ireland since the beginning of May. At the moment we are preparing the application to be able to provide a complete service to our users during the following season although the main functionalities of our application are already fully ready. Little by little we are completing the historical archive of images, meteorological data and translating all the documentation and user manuals. Along with Great Britain and Ireland, this year we have expanded the availability of our application also to Spain and Portugal. Our goal is to be able to make SatAgro…

6 October 2017

What about these clouds?

Zachmurzenie w Polsce: 2017 vs ostatnie 1.5 dekady

The high cloudiness and delay in launching the Sentinel-2B resulted in a lower data supply than in 2016. We have taken a number of protective measures in case of repetition of such a season, including a reliable description of the cloud problems (as we write on the blog). It turns out that such a cloudy April in Poland has not been for at least 15 years, i. e. the likelihood of repetition is small. In addition, the application map data supply in 2018 will increase by at least half due to the activation of the second Sentinel-2, and perhaps other…