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25 January 2023

Crop rotation as a basic technique in agriculture

Correct crop rotation is one of the most important basic techniques in agriculture. It involves planning the cultivation of different types of plants on the same plot of land over several years. Mostly, the main aim of the practice is to enrich soil biodiversity and increase crop yields in a suitable rotation.

28 September 2022

Crop scouting with SatAgro Explorer – five useful tips

Crop scouting is the basis for the multitude of decisions which take into account variability in crop development across both space and time. In our case the Holy Grail are of course timely and user-friendly precision treatments, but in practice a large proportion of our users use crop scouting for other purposes, frequently surprising us with their ingenuity. SatAgro Explorer was historically the first module of the SatAgro platform, which reflects our long-term believe that access to fresh and actionable satellite intelligence is the cornerstone of digital precision agriculture. Since 2015 the module has evolved a lot and this piece…

23 June 2021

SatAgro Delivers Satellite Intelligence for the World’s Largest Ag Commodity Movement

Sugar beet harvest

Late-August through mid-October is always a hectic and busy time for farmers in the Red River Valley, at the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. Seasonal workers from all over the country converge onto dozens of campgrounds, while thousands of trucks criss-cross the plains along the river every day. The reason behind all this activity? The sugar beet harvest at the American Crystal Sugar Company (ACSC). SatAgro developed a satellite data-based system to help keep track of this immense operation’s progress. The ACSC is a cooperative consisting of 650 growers who altogether plant over 400 000 acres (160 000 hectares)…

10 November 2020

Are you ready for Variable Rate Application?


The just published new version of SatAgro includes a set of functionalities that will help you to see to what extent your farm is ready for a comprehensive implementation of precision treatments, as well as what data sets are integrated with the borders of individual crop fields. The technologies available nowadays allow us to obtain a lot of information about varying conditions within the fields – their soils, crop, yielding. In response to this constant technological progress, we have developed a number of tools that allow farms to benefit from it. However, the practice of working with agronomists allows us…

6 July 2020

Precision irrigation module

Precyzyjne nawadnianie deszczownicą z ujęciu drona.

For several weeks now, we have worked with a few farms to implement a prototype of a new precision irrigation module. The module is the first of a group of tools developed by SatAgro to support farms in water management. To start with, we focused on reel sprinklers, which are relatively most popular in our region. Many models allow for dose differentiation by adjusting the speed of the hose reeling ended with a cannon.