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Data Import/Export

Data export

You can export the satellite and weather data that SatAgro collects for your field for use outside the app. Go to the field sheet of the field you are interested in (click: Fields > FieldName). In the top right of the field sheet, next to the field name click on the down arrow symbol. SatAgro will prepare a zip file containing satellite images and time series for your field in formats that should be compatible with most common spatial or spreadsheet software.

Precision treatment files

When you decide to download precision treatment files for use in the field or in different software, the system will ask you to choose a file format: shp – also called a Shapefile, ESRI shapefile, .shp. You can edit this file yourself in GIS software – for experienced users. ISOXML – file format used in ISOBUS compatible machinery. anl – file format compatible with AGROCOM MAP software csv – basic file format for tabular data, accessible in e.g. Excel kml – this can be used in Google Earth terminal’s format – CHOOSE THIS OPTION if you plan to use the…

Integration with Trimble

The SatAgro platform can integrate with Trimble’s cloud tools. This allows your device information to be shared with SatAgro. Thanks to the integration with Trimble Connected Farm you can send prescription maps created in SatAgro directly to your Trimble terminal and work comfortably with the information available on both platforms.

John Deere Operations Center Integration

John Deere Operations Center integration into SatAgro

SatAgro is integrated as a connection to the MyJohnDeere Operations Center (MJD). This allows for streamlining various operations between the two platforms including: Quickly send prescription maps created in SatAgro to the Operations Center. In case you have JDLink equipped devices it is possible to send our maps directly to a tractor terminal in the field. Receive notifications to the John Deere Operations Center. Import your fields directly from the Operations Center into SatAgro. Thanks to the integration with John Deere Operations Center we can share information about your account, equipment and fields to make it easier to work between…