What about these clouds?


The high cloudiness and delay in launching the Sentinel-2B resulted in a lower data supply than in 2016. We have taken a number of protective measures in case of repetition of such a season, including a reliable description of the cloud problems (as we write on the blog). It turns out that such a cloudy April in Poland has not been for at least 15 years, i. e. the likelihood of repetition is small. In addition, the application map data supply in 2018 will increase by at least half due to the activation of the second Sentinel-2, and perhaps other factors that will be reported as soon as the new options become viable.

Cloudiness in Poland: 2017 vs. last 15 years
Cloudiness in Poland: 2017 vs. last 1.5 decades
Zachmurzenie w Polsce - miesiące
Cloudiness in Poland – monthly


Cloudiness in Europie
Within-season coudiness accross Europe; left: average; right: anomalies in 2017